Thursday, June 18, 2020

Project Run & Play Watercolor Beach Collection

I’ve been blown away by the amazing makes and photos for the release of the Project Watercolor Beach Collection from Project Run and Play. Someone even sewed every single piece! How incredible is that?! Now, it’s my turn to share what I made. 

My first and only boy turned 6 months old and has yet to receive anything mama made besides a pair of socks. Cute socks, by the way! But, I decided that it was high time I put some effort into his handmade wardrobe. The first order of business was a pair of the Cobalt Boardshorts from Sew Jennuine Designs. I love that Jen’s patterns start in baby sizes and go up to size 12. It evwn has the option of adding swimmers inside which i will totally do next time. I originally ordered some boardshort fabric from, ( affiliate link) but since we’re over an hour from the nearest beach and times are uncertain I decided to go beach casual in case he outgrows them before we make it there. 

I used some linen that I got from Joann’s fabric to create a pair of shorts that he can wear any time. The pattern features Jamaican  and Bermuda length. There’s also options to do a faux, half or no fly, add front pockets and a draw string waist or buttonhole elastic. These are made in the Jamaican length, but i sized up the pattern as a whole to get some longevity out of it. My version also has a faux fly and pockets. I lined the pockets with a fun colorful stripe material also from Joann’s. 

Now that the bottoms are squared away I turned my attention to the top. I was so excited about trying the Lemon Tee from Suco by Susana that I failed to notice the pattern starts at 12m. Not one to be thwarted, I shrunk the pattern down to about 91% and shortened the length. My attempt was fairly successful, but next time i’ll measure my neck opening before adding the neckband. I loved these watercolor jellyfish from (affiliate link) and paired them with this solid blue. The pattern goes from sizes 12 months to 14 and has options for diagonal, body and sleeve color-blocking. You can also add sleeve bands for shorts sleeves and do solid or color-blocked long sleeves. 

Ok, so originally I was going to use the diagonal front option for my tee and add the Salt Life cut file available from this collection, but my jellies weren’t gellin’ with that idea and I realized that my son is actively teething so I went a different route. This cute little bandana bib pattern is free from Sweet Red Poppy. I used the same solid blue and back it with some white terry (aka a towel) for absorption. 

All and all i’m super pleased with how it turned out. Even though it was next to impossible to find a “beachy” spot in town. Every single sandpit was closed so we had to make our own in the yard and the toddler insisted that she needed to thoroughly check it out. 

If you haven’t already check out the rest of the stylish and fun makes from the Project Watercolor Beach Collection on Project Run and Play blog.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

RCF Suit Up for Summer | Blog Tour |


Hey there! I’m so pleased to be a part of the Raspberry Creek Fabric Suit Up for Summer Blog Tour. There’s a lot going on in the world and our kids are physically out of school for the rest of the year. Luckily, myself and some other talented ladies are sewing up some fun suits for summer, or now if you live in FL like I do.

I let my oldest daughter choose her main print, this super cute red and green raspberry toss and her suit pattern. When she saw the back of Striped Swallow DesignsInto the Blue Suit she got really excited. I picked out the red polka dots to coordinate. I’m a total sucker for polka dots. This suit is fully lined. The pattern features a solid scooped back or a cut out scooped back. There are 3 options for the front: a pointy tie, a rectangle tie and the band. Not gonna lie I went for the option with the least steps. I have a hungry 3 month old and mama’s sewing time is limited. Nevertheless, I LOVE how this came out!

Since I’ve made swim suits before, when sewing  the Into the Blue I pretty much avoided adding elastic like the plague. I substituted each elastic application with bands. I did a quick search in the Striped Swallow Designs sewing group on Facebook for help and took 90% of the opening for my waist band and 95% for my leg bands. I added the leg flutters from Violette Field Threads’ Catalina swimsuit. I love how it ended up adding a vintage vibe to the whole suit. My daughter was thrilled with it!

I also made the actual Catalina for my littlest in this narwhal and these stripes. I’ll share pictures from that one tomorrow in Part II. She’ll be wearing it for her birthday celebration with just us and some FaceTime with family.

I want to thank Raspberry Creek Fabrics for generously providing all the swi m fabric and lining and Striped Swallow Designs for the swim pattern.

Friday, February 28, 2020

Another PR&P Tour - Abby’s Trailblazing Socks

Hey y’all. Thanks for joining me today for the newest Project Run & Play pattern tour. This time there 20 brand new patterns to try out!  For my stop i’m showing you the adorable Abby’s Trailblazing Socks from The Wolf and the Tree. Just like anything else you sew these can be customized to fit your child. Abby’s Trailblazing Socks are sized from Newborn 0/1 - Big Kid 6/7 and there are several style options: Mini Crew, Bobby, Crew, Knee High and Over the Knee. You can also add trim, cuffs, elastic or trim to the cuffs to finish up this super quick sew; or drag it out a little and add color-blocked toes, a top toe seam or even a heel. 

 If you didn’t know I’m now the proud mama of a soon-to-be three month old baby boy so, I made the mini crew socks. I liked using this pattern because his little feet are so narrow that he tends to lose his store bought socks no matter how small they are. My least favorite part was probably sewing those tiny cuffs in the round. This smile makes it all worth it and I think he approves.

 It may just be me, but I hate when babies are too little for shoes and you put them on a cute outfit in X color and then the only socks you can find are Y color, not even white. With these i’m able to match his socks to his hat, bummies or whatever else.

In true mom fashion, I lost the first pair of socks I made him with the little monsters on them and the rest of his outfit is a hand me down. I also sewed up some knee highs for my almost 2 year old who, in true toddler fashion, refused to be still so I could put them on. And yes, you math geniuses out there, that’s two kids under the age of two in my house AT THE SAME TIME 😳. Needless to say, mama is exhausted. Not so exhausted that i can’t make my kids haute couture socks to match their outfits ;-) but definitely exhausted. 

The Pattern Release:
Because of the large space of time since we added patterns to the shop, we have 20 (TWENTY!) new patterns for you!  These twenty fantastic patterns are so fun and unique and you're going to love them.  There's everything from basics to accessories to really special pieces.  

All new patterns on sale for 20% off from 2/17 - 2/29, which makes for some fantastic deals, believe me.

The Giveaways:
Now 20 patterns is a lot to digest all at once, so each day of the tour a couple of these new patterns will be featured.  And of course some of your favorite Project Run & Play designers are going to be providing inspiration!  Each of these designers will be giving away one new pattern of your choice, and there will be a daily giveaway on social media too.  Be sure to follow Project Run & Play on Instagram and each designer as they share their makes too.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Back to School with Project Run and Play

Well, Back to School has been bittersweet this year. My 3rd grader decided she does care what she wears so, I had the fortune of helping her purge, while asking what did and didn’t work for her and why. Meanwhile, I’d decided to stitch up some things for the Back to School Blog Tour with Project Run and Play. P.S. they’ve released 4 new patterns including the Aurora Raglan and they’re on sale 20% off through 8/18 midnight EST. No code needed. 

The first pattern that I chose was the Aurora Raglan from Sofiona Designs because I knew she’d like that style and I could customize it for her. One of the reasons that she gave up some of her old tops were that they weren’t colorful enough. Well, I dug through my stash and found this funkadelic floral from Pretty Posh Prints. I laid out solid accents and she chose this cheerful blue. Aurora has enough options to make it worth getting even if you already have a raglan pattern or (or 4) like I do. Dress, tunic and top length, plus pockets make it easy to change up and you can add the shoulder ties for a feminine touch. You can find the Aurora Raglan in the Project Run and Play Pattern Shop here.

I was very impressed with my facing, thank you very much.

The second pattern that I chose was the Banana Boat Tee from Lil Luxe Collection. I absolutely adore Jessica’s design style and have been searching for a child’s boatneck top pattern for a few months. If you know me at all, you know I’m practically allergic to making “basic” pieces. I don’t mind classic or simple, but plain just ain’t my thang! I love that this “Tee” is simple, but with a few details that take it up a notch. Once again I had my budding fashionista weigh in and she chose this solid burgundy/garnet color from my stash. It ended up being super versatile and I’ve already styled it with several pieces from her existing wardrobe. How cute is that side ruching and those sleeve tabs? Want to stitch up your own? Get the pattern here

Here are all 4 new patterns listed in the shop for this week’s sale:

There’s also a giveaway running:
Win and sew a dream Back to School wardrobe...using any 5 patterns from the Project Run & Play shop!  One lucky winner will be chosen at random from among the purchases of ANY pattern in the shop during the Back to School event. Now through 8/18. 

I’m always google and searching for back to school inspiration every fall so, I hope you found this useful. Don’t forget to take advantage of the sale! 

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Ring Around the Rosie Romper - PR&P Pattern Tour

Hey there! Today, I’m sharing my version of the super sweet Ring Around the Rosie Romper and Dress pattern by Puzzle Patterns. The pattern features a dress version, a romper version and you can even make stand alone bloomers. The pattern even goes up to size 10. Hello coordinating sibling sets! You can also choose between strap ruffles or plain straps. 

I stitched up the romper version for my spunky 15-month-old. I love how even simple fabric choices look adorable with this pattern. I used a premade trim instead of making my own ruffles because let’s face it, with a VERY curious toddler, who has time for those handmade details? I also chose to stitch the buttons INSIDE the back of the romper since all buttonholes are not created equal. 

I tend to dread things with elastic in the legs because stitching elastic while actually keeping it straight is not my strong suit. If you’re like me don’t be daunted because this sweet pattern has bias leg casings, yay! The whole thing went together pretty quickly since the bottom is one continuous piece. This is definitely a beginner friendly pattern; I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of assembly.  

By the way shooting an overactive toddler is not that much fun. She was definitely happiest when not trying to be coached by mama. 

The Ring Around the Rosie Pattern is one of the new patterns being added to the Project Run and Play Pattern Shop. Be sure to check out the other patterns that were stitch by some of your favorite seamstresses on the Project Run & Play Blog.

Project Run and Play shop blog tour

Don’t forget to check out the sale:

Use the code newpatterns20 for 20% off your entire purchase in the Project Run & Play shop!
If you buy 3 or more patterns, use the code newpatterns25 for 25% off your entire purchase

Pattern collections are already discounted and excluded from the sale.  Sale begins now 
and ends at midnight EST June 30.
If you’d like to win a copy of this pattern for yourself head over to my instagram for instructions. 

Friday, August 10, 2018

Back To School Blog Tour | Bella Sunshine Designs - Sansa Flares |

This post contains affiliate links. At no extra cost to you I earn a little when you shop through my links.

 Thank you so much for joining us for Bella Sunshine Designs'  Back to School Tour. I am so excited to finally get some sewing done for my oldest for 2nd Grade! BSD has a super cute pattern for knit pants. The Sansa Flare Pants (aff link) pattern is reminiscent of 1970's bell bottoms. There are two options for the waist: elastic waistband and yoga. I'm trying to conserve this awesome fabric so I did an elastic waistband. I think I might try to hack a flat front and elastic back after a few more pairs. I followed the patterns instruction on size blending since both the rise and knee position needed to be changed.  She needed a 3t waist and size 6 in length with the rise of a 4t to boot.

Something else to consider is how well these can be dressed up or down depending on your fabric; the pattern calls for a minimum 50% stretch on a 4-way knit. I am dying to try a pair in Ponte, but they also work super well with cotton lycra. The fabric I used has some heft and slink to it, but a good amount of stretch and recovery. I think these work well for P.E. days as well which are the bane of my existence when trying to dress her for school. I want her to be P.E. ready,  but I don't want her to look like she has P.E. clothes on all day. 

When I showed her the fabric that I had planned she got super excited. However, she has been known to just patronize me so I wasn't sure how she would react to the actual pants once they were made. To quote her, "These are so comfy I wish that I could wear them all day!" Her enthusiastic approval is a great motivator to make more.She loves them and I love how fast they came together not to mention the truly custom fit that I got for my girl. Mommy always feels like a sewing master when they come out perfect on the first try.

Well, that's all I have for you today.You can see all of today's tour posts or catch up on the entire tour here.
P.S. Bella Sunshine Designs (aff link) is running a sale for back to school through Sunday August 12th. Kids patterns are $6, Women's are $7 and bundles are $12 on the website. No coupon needed.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Project Run and Play Pattern Review | Natty Janes by Delia Creates|

Hey there! I’m Teronia and today I am crossing something off my bucket list by reviewing the Natty Janes Shoe Pattern by Delia Creates. The pattern comes with two strap options and two fastener options: you can make ankle strap or classic style and use velcro or snaps. I went with ankle straps and used snaps to secure them. Leather, vinyl or suede are the recommended materials for this along with wool lining. I got all of my at my local Joann Fabrics. You can find the pattern in the Project Run & Play pattern store.

I recently had another sweet baby girl and I am “trying” to enjoy sewing for an itty bitty baby while I have one. She sure makes me work for it because actually sewing with her around is next to impossible. This time around I tried my hand at making some super cute little baby shoes.

The pattern instructions are very straightforward and the pattern itself is pretty simple. What you need most for this is the patience to sew slowly since the strap pieces are so small. They shoes come together pretty quickly, though.

I felt like a little elf cobbler making such a tiny pair of shoes. Now, I won’t be quitting my day job anytime soon, but I was pleased with how they came out. As you can see my machine took some creative license with the toe caps, but i kind of like that they are “unique”.

I’m no Joyfolie, but mama will definitely be making more of these. I’d call these wearable muslins. I would love to try interfaced fabric for the tops in my next few attempts. I did by a blue suede to use as well.

Thanks for joining us during accessories week. Be sure to tag @projectrunandplay & @sewhauteblog on Instagram if you happen to make a pair. We’d love to see!
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Project Run & Play Watercolor Beach Collection

I’ve been blown away by the amazing makes and photos for the release of the  Project Watercolor Beach Collection  from Project Run and ...